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The official 2014 Reign FC scarf.

Your first opportunity to get your hands on the scarf will be at tomorrow’s Sounders FC match. They will also be available for purchase in our online store by April 5th.


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Not ok.

Send help

Wrap me up in the new scarf

And I’ll be ok

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Learning how to launch a ball? Watch da master.

Learning how to launch a ball? Watch da master.

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What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.
Charles Bukoswki (via psych-facts)

Day 1 starts NOW!

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Algarve Cup Game 1: USA vs. Japan

Wednesday, March 5

7:45 AM ET / 4:45 AM PT

How to watch:

This game is being broadcast live on Eurosport

Check some of these links close to game time and hopefully one will have a stream:



Notes on the tournament

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Algarve Cup Live Streaming and TV Listings, Live Scores, Fixtures, Results, Tables, Videos, News :: Live Soccer TV


So I found that. Might be a life saving link. (Don’t kill me on game day if it doesn’t work/isn’t the best stream)

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Kim Little enjoyed plenty of sunshine during her first trip to the Seattle. 

Hear Reign FC’s midfielder discuss her new beginning in the NWSL as well as her first impressions of the Emerald City!


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